Belgard Hardscapes

Belgard Pavers are versatile and can be arranged in a multitude of styles and patterns for any application. They complement any landscape while adding beauty to both new and existing homes.

Belgard pavers are designed to provide years of protection in all climates. The quality of the concrete is rigorously and comprehensively checked daily through a series of tests. Tests include:
Monitoring resistance to temperature extremes
Effects of de-icing salts on pavers
Product stability under varying conditions
Consistency of concrete mixture
Load-bearing capacity
Testing other physical and chemical characteristics
Belgard is devoted to continuous improvement of quality providing cutting-edge pavers in shape, use and color through experimentation with richer pigments or improving manufacturing techniques. About 20,000 hours are spent each year on research and development.

Belgard interlocking concrete pavers will enhance the aesthetics and value of your client's property. Offering a wide selection of colors, shapes and finishes, these products enhance any architectural style from Craftsman to Contemporary and Mission to Mediterranean.

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